Busoga Royal Wedding: Politician’s daughter turned Royal

Dr. Joseph Muvawala, the Prime Minister of Busoga displays the picture of the new queen

HABARI DAILY I Kampala, Uganda I As the countdown to the royal wedding of Her Royal Highness, Jovia Mutesi, the future Queen Mother of Busoga Kingdom, continues, the kingdom faithful are filled with a sense of excitement and great expectations. Despite some unwarranted public scrutiny, Mutesi’s popularity remains unwavering, and her impending role as the Inhebantu promises to bring about positive change in the Busoga Kingdom.

On November 18, as the grandeur of the wedding festivities unfolds, many envision Queen Mother Mutesi emerging not just as a symbol of royalty but as a dedicated enforcer of development and progress for Busoga. The weight of expectations on her shoulders is substantial, as the kingdom looks forward to a leader who will build on the legacy of her predecessor, Queen Alice Muloki, who held the Inebantu position until her passing in 2005.

Martin Tibalira, the vice-chairperson of the central organizing committee of the Busoga Royal Wedding, expressed confidence that Queen Mother Mutesi already has a vision for the kingdom’s development programs.


Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi

The Katukiiro of Busoga, Dr. Joseph Muvawala, recently unveiled the portrait of Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi at the Busoga Headquarters in Begembe, Jinja City, marking a significant step towards the upcoming holy matrimony.

Dr. Muvawala, flanked by other Ministers of Busoga, disclosed that the royal couple would exchange vows at Christ Cathedral Bugembe in Jinja City. The announcement came after a traditional ceremony held at the ancestral home of the new Inhebantu in Mayuge Town Council, Mayuge district.

The Katukiiro emphasized the cultural significance of the upcoming event, revealing plans for a cultural function to initiate Her Royal Highness Jovia Mutesi into her new role. The marriage ceremony is scheduled for November 18, 2023, promising to be a momentous occasion for the Busoga Kingdom.

Dr. Muvawala highlighted the importance of Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi in the life of Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV, stating that she has been the missing link. The official announcement of Jovia Mutesi as the future Queen of Busoga Kingdom traced her familial roots to St. Matia Mulumba Zone in Mayuge Town Council.


Jovia Mutesi’s father, Stanley Bayoole, who serves as the Resident District Commissioner of Bulambuli, belongs to the Baise Mugosa Clan in Mayuge District. The traditional introduction ceremony, held at Stanley Bayoole’s residence, was a momentous occasion where he officially presented his daughter to Kyabazinga Gabula IV as his wife.

Kyabazinga Gabula IV and the Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi

While comprehensive details about the Queen will be officially disclosed during the upcoming Busoga Lukiiko, the Prime Minister of Busoga, Dr. Joseph Muvawala, assured the public that the royal wedding and subsequent events would be a celebration of culture, tradition, and the unity of the Busoga Kingdom.

As the preparations for the royal wedding unfold, the people of Busoga eagerly anticipate the joyous occasion that will bring together the Kyabazinga and the Inhebantu in a union symbolizing the strength and continuity of the Busoga Kingdom’s rich heritage

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