NWSC Announces New Water Projects, Amnesty for Illegal Users

Kampala, Uganda HABARI DAILY I In a firm and resolute move to address the issue of illegal water consumption and ensure the equitable distribution of this precious resource, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has recently embarked on a noteworthy campaign. 

The Managing Director of NWSC, Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha, recently made the announcement that this campaign will actively seek out and prosecute all those who have been engaging in unauthorized water usage. This proactive step signals the corporation’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of water distribution and preventing unlawful activities that may compromise access to clean and safe water for communities across the nation.

NWSC has henceforth announced a stern campaign against water theft. Dr. Mugisha revealed that an estimated 10% of the corporation’s customers are engaging in unauthorized water usage, which has been a persistent challenge causing inefficiency in resource allocation.

Addressing journalists, he unveiled a one-month amnesty program for individuals involved in illegal water supply. This initiative allows water theft culprits to come forward voluntarily and have their connections legalized by NWSC without facing sanctions. This amnesty offers an opportunity for those involved in illegal water supply to rectify their status and ensure a lawful water connection.

Dr. Mugisha emphasized the seriousness of the issue by noting that illegal water supply could lead to significant sanctions under the Water Act, including imprisonment for those convicted. The one-month grace period offers individuals a chance to avoid these consequences by cooperating with the amnesty and regularizing their water connections.

However, once this amnesty period concludes, NWSC will shift its focus to prosecuting those found involved in illegal water supply according to the law. This signals a clear intent to ensure the legality and fairness of water distribution, with all customers adhering to regulations.

He also addressed the problem of late bill payments, which hampers the utility’s ability to provide efficient services. Despite sending several SMS reminders to customers, a considerable number still do not respond promptly to clear their outstanding bills. This practice has prompted NWSC to consider disconnection for non-payment, not as a first choice, but as a measure to maintain business continuity.

Moreover, Dr. Mugisha unveiled the “Water for All” (WFA) program, which aligns with NWSC’s strategic corporate plan. The WFA program aims to achieve 100% piped water coverage in around 22,000 villages under NWSC. To support this ambitious project, NWSC has urged its customers to ensure consistent payment of their water bills, as these funds will be vital for the sustainable resourcing of the WFA program.

Additionally, he clarified recent allegations circulating on social media regarding his contract status. He affirmed that his contract is still active and not expired. He was re-appointed to his position this year for a five-year term, meaning that his contract remains valid until March 2028, as confirmed by NWSC board chairperson, Eng. Dr. Badru M. Kiggundu.

Under Dr. Mugisha’s leadership, NWSC has achieved remarkable growth in various aspects. The number of towns under NWSC jurisdiction has significantly increased, as have the number of people served by piped water. Customer connections, pipe network length, annual turnover, and assets under management have also experienced substantial growth under his guidance.

The amnesty initiative and crackdown on illegal water supply are essential steps towards ensuring that the invaluable resource of water is distributed fairly and legally

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