Poisoned School Children  Lands Businessman in Jail

ATMIS police personnel trained on protecting children in armed conflict

Kampala, Uganda HABARI DAILY I In a chilling development that has sent shockwaves through the community of Makukuba village in Nakifuma town council, Mukono district, a local businessman has been apprehended in connection with the suspected poisoning incident that resulted in the tragic loss of two young lives. 

The Police in Naggalama have been swift in their response, ensuring that the suspect is currently detained at Naggalama Police Station while investigations are underway.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the heart-wrenching details, disclosing that the two young victims, a 13-year-old Primary Seven pupil named Andrew Kakumba and 10-year-old Primary One student Victor Bongole, were part of a group of 19 pupils who had been rushed to various hospitals for treatment. 

Their passing marked a somber chapter in the unfolding tragedy that has gripped the region.

The suspect was taken into custody on a Saturday morning, apprehended from his stall in Nakifuma trading centre, where he operates a chicken business. Investigators are working diligently to ascertain whether the chicken sold by the suspect to Norah Nagujja, a teacher at Green Primary School, may have been contaminated with poisonous substances. 

Nagujja, who taught at the same school, had prepared the chicken and carried it, along with rice and sweet potatoes, to serve to her three children in the school’s boarding section.

Tragically, the repercussions of this meal extended far beyond Nagujja’s family. Her children shared the food with their friends, both in the boarding and day sections of the school, which resulted in a series of alarming symptoms. Students began complaining of abdominal pain, headaches, dizziness, and severe diarrhea, setting off alarm bells within the school community.

In response to this crisis, a team of detectives from Kampala Metropolitan East and Naggalama division swiftly launched an investigation. They have reached out to all the affected children, meticulously examined the scene of the incident, and recorded statements from several eyewitnesses. Their efforts are part of a larger initiative to uncover the truth and bring justice to the grieving families.

David Ssenfuma, the school director, revealed that a total of 24 victims had been admitted to hospitals following the incident, but as of Saturday, October 14, the majority had been discharged, leaving only three children hospitalized. This partial relief was a small consolation in the midst of a tragedy that has left a permanent scar on the community.

The Police’s investigation will undoubtedly explore every avenue, including whether the alleged poisoning could be linked to any school ownership disputes or conflicts. 

This grim incident, reminiscent of a similar case earlier in the year, when over 200 students from Nakanyonyi Senior Secondary School in Mukono were admitted to hospitals after consuming suspected poisoned food, serves as a grim reminder of the need for vigilant oversight and safety measures to protect the lives and well-being of students. 

Tragically, in this latest incident, two young lives have already been lost, leaving the community in mourning and seeking answers in the face of unspeakable tragedy.

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