Uganda Government releases Sh7 trillion for 4th Quarter

HABARI DAILY I Kampala, Uganda I   Government, through the ministry of finance, planning and economic development has released funds for the 4th and last quarter (April to June), of the current FY 2023/24, amounting to sh7.687 trillion, representing 30.4% of the Government of Uganda budget.

The release announced that this will bring the total the Government of Uganda release for FY 2023/24 to Sh28.564 trillion.

This quarter’s release saw a rise of sh2.7 trillion, up from sh4.9 trillion that was released in the 3rd quarter of the current financial year.

The funds, which are meant for ministries, departments and agencies (MDA) and will cater for wages, non-wage recurrent expenditure and development, will cover the period April to June 2024.

“The GOU budget less debt, external financing and local revenue amounts to sh25.246 trillion, and of this amount, sh20.877 trillion (82.7%) has been released for Q1-Q3 of this financial year. However, apart from the GoU budget, it’s important to note the performance of external financing at 77%,” said Ggoobi.

He said the ministry of finance requested the Office of the Auditor General to undertake a special audit of the salary and pension payrolls, to address the persistent shortfalls in salary, pension and gratuity.

“The special audit for the salary payroll was concluded and findings informed the wage allocation for FY2024/25. During this audit, there were staff who were not fully verified and the Auditor General recommended that the ministry of public service completes the verification process,” said Ggoobi.

Last week, the Government presented a sh58.34 trillion budget, intended to focus on ‘full monetisation of the Ugandan economy through agriculture, industrialisation, expanding and broadening services, digital transformation and market access.

The new budget estimates indicate a rise by sh5.64 trillion compared to the 2023/2024 budget that amounted to sh52.7 trillion. Out of the sh58.3 trillion budget, the actual allocation or spending on development programmes amount to sh33.4 trillion.

The rest of the money in the budget will be spent on treasury operations which include interest payments, domestic arrears and external debt repayment, among others.

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