Kampala businessman was shot at close range

The late Katanga’s Mbuya-based residence where he was allegedly shot dead

HABARI DAILY I Kampala, Uganda IThe recent shooting death of businessman Henry Katanga at his Mbuya residence in Nakawa division, Kampala, has taken a new and puzzling dimension, with preliminary investigations revealing inconsistencies that challenge initial assumptions.

Police authorities, who had initially considered the possibility of suicide, have now disclosed that Katanga, a right-handed individual, was found with a fatal gunshot wound on the left side of his head. This revelation strongly indicates the potential involvement of another person and raises questions about the circumstances of his death.

The incident occurred during a confrontation between Katanga and his wife, Molly, at their matrimonial home in November. The confrontation reportedly escalated, resulting in Katanga’s tragic death from a gunshot wound. Molly, injured during the altercation, was rushed to International Hospital Kampala, where she remains hospitalized.

The conflicting narratives emerging from family members have further complicated the investigation. While Katanga’s family insists that he was shot, relatives of Molly suggested the possibility that he shot himself after realizing the severity of the injuries he inflicted on his wife.

Detectives involved in the investigation have pointed to a small wound on the right side of Katanga’s head, indicating that the bullet was shot from the left side and exited on the right side. According to a homicide expert familiar with the case, “If Katanga had shot himself, the bullet would have exited on the left side of the head. It would have also caused a huge wound on the right side of the head where any right-handed person should have shot themselves from.”

A shamba boy, who was present during the incident and is currently in police custody, provided further details. He reported hearing a sharp noise resembling shattered glass during the altercation between Katanga and his wife. After the sudden silence, he heard a loud bang, which is believed to be the fatal shot that claimed Katanga’s life.

The shamba boy also informed investigators that he was instructed to clean blood from Katanga’s bedroom and footprints leading to another room after the incident. However, investigators are facing obstacles as they have been denied access to Molly, who remains in the Intensive Care Unit. 

Molly’s family has reportedly restricted access to her, raising concerns about her potential involvement or witness status in the case.

As the investigation unfolds, the mysterious circumstances surrounding Henry Katanga’s death continue to baffle both authorities and the involved families, emphasizing the need for a thorough and transparent examination of the evidence to determine the truth behind this tragic incident

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