Roadside Vendors Receive Presidential Handshake

Kampala, Uganda HABARI DAILY I In a commendable effort to enhance the economic prospects of roadside market vendors, President Yoweri Museveni took a significant step on 8th February 2024 by extending financial support to 260 vendors operating in Balikyejjusa-Checkpoint market along the Kampala-Gulu Highway in Luwero.

The financial aid, totaling Shs. 100,000 for each beneficiary, was distributed by officials from State House, led by Princess Nassolo Pauline, a Private Secretary to the President on Women Affairs. The vendors, primarily engaged in the sale of fruits, vegetables, and various food items, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the direct financial assistance.

Princess Nassolo conveyed President Museveni’s commitment to providing direct financial support, emphasizing its significance in helping the vendors sustain their businesses and stabilize household incomes.

Addressing the vendors, Princess Nassolo stated, “While recording your names in November last year, you informed us that you had not benefited from the Parish Development Model (PDM) and Emyooga. Therefore,the President has decided to support you directly first, enabling you to continue fighting poverty and supporting your families as you wait for other government programs.”

She also urged the vendors to remain focused on boosting their household incomes and cautioned against being swayed by politicians with self-serving agendas. “We are going to ensure that we return so that we also support those who missed out during our first registration,” Princess Nassolo added, reaffirming the commitment to assist more vendors in the future.

The air was filled with excitement as the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to President Museveni for fulfilling his promise.

Acknowledging the President’s support, Ms. Nakayaga, a single mother struggling to educate her children, described the financial boost as unexpected and expressed her gratitude. She pledged to ensure that the Shs. 100,000 multiplies for her benefit.

President Museveni, renowned for supporting roadside vendors nationwide, consistently urges them to focus on improving their household incomes and livelihoods through engaging in productive activities while steering clear of political distractions

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