Uganda Police probes Katanga’s daughter over his death

HABARI DAILY I Kampala, Uganda I Investigations into the tragic demise of Henry Katanga, a well-known moneylender, have taken a perplexing turn as authorities probe the circumstances surrounding the appearance of his daughter, Tricia Katanga, during the alleged confrontation between her parents. 

Katanga, a prominent figure in the business community, passed away on November 2 at his residence in Mbuya, Nakawa division, Kampala, reportedly from a gunshot wound following a domestic dispute with his wife, Molly Katanga.

In her first interaction with the police following her father’s death, Tricia provided a disturbing account of events. She disclosed that her parents were embroiled in a heated argument, and she heard a gunshot originating from their bedroom. Tricia further informed the police that upon entering the house, she discovered her father bleeding and her mother unconscious.

However, investigators are now considering the possibility that the fatal gunshot may have been fired by someone other than Katanga or his wife. Reports have emerged suggesting that the perpetrator, after taking Katanga’s life, attempted to stage the scene as a suicide by placing the gun in his hands.

According to authorities, the phone used to summon Tricia to her parents’ home belonged to Molly Katanga, and this call was placed around the same time Henry Katanga was fatally shot.

As part of the ongoing inquiry, police forensic experts collected fingerprints from both Tricia and her mother, Molly, who is currently receiving medical care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at a Kampala medical facility. Additionally, fingerprints were obtained from the firearm, a pistol, discovered in the house.

A five-minute audio recording has also emerged, shedding light on the events that transpired on the fateful day. The audio recording features a female voice believed to be that of a family member and provides insights into the unfolding events.

The investigation is being jointly conducted by a team of police detectives from the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) and operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

On Monday and Tuesday, CID detectives held meetings with their counterparts from CMI at the army headquarters in Mbuya to compare notes and share information.

Investigators have expressed concerns that the crime scene may have been tampered with, suggesting an attempt to conceal evidence. Currently, the housegirl, two shamba boys, and a houseboy are in custody as potential witnesses or suspects.

It has come to light that a female resident of the same household as the deceased businessman allegedly attempted to hide the firearm by placing it in a box in one of the bedrooms. 

“After killing the man, they got the gun and placed it in his hands, but the investigators discovered that the fingerprints of the man could not be seen because they were no longer alive,” quoted a source from statements obtained from the suspects.

Tension has reportedly escalated at the hospital where Molly Katanga is receiving medical treatment, with family members from both sides guarding her room around the clock. This has led to the deceased’s family also deploying security personnel at the ICU entrance to ensure her safety and manage ongoing inquiries.

The investigation into Henry Katanga’s death continues, as authorities work to unravel the mystery surrounding this tragic incident

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