Police combs Kampala Suburbs for Missing Child

Oscar Mugisha missing child

HABARI DAILY I Kampala, Uganda I Police have sent an SOS concerning a missing child who has been sighted in several locations in Makindye Ssabagabo.

A police case was reported at Mutungo Police Post : SD REF: 07/31/05/2024, and a media campaign aimed at his recovery has since been launched.

 According to Shamim Kakuze, the mother of the missing child, it’s now been two weeks since Oscar Mugisha, a 8-year old pupil of Grapeston Extra School Lubowa, was reported missing.

She described his disappearance as a dilemma that has hit and shaken their entire family.

A picture of Oscar Mugisha who got lost at Graperton Extra school Lubowa.

“This boy, soft spoken and bright, is the pillar of our family. He always has a funny word to throw around, and such a unique character has linked us together,” she said in a recent interview.

Amidst tears and fears for his son’s life, she said she hasn’t lost hope that Oscar will be found alive.

“I have known him as a God-fearing boy, and know that God will continue to protect him wherever he is. He needs to come home and see his siblings,” she said.

She appealed to anyone with knowledge about his whereabouts to contact the nearest police post or local leaders so that he is found soon.

Brenda Nantundi, Grapestone’s headmistress said Oscar disappeared on May 30th, during class time.

“He humbly asked the class teacher for permission to visit the toilet, which is located nearby. After 5 minutes, the teacher sensed something amiss, and started looking for him. That’s when a neighbor disclosed that she had sighted him running away from school,” she said.

Kakunze Shamim displays the picture of her child Oscar Mugisha who got lost at Grapeston Extra school Lubowa. 

She said they engaged teams that searched the nearby villages for days but only received scanty information from those who sighted him moving further away.

Anyone with information about Oscar’s whereabouts can reach out to his parents on:

0754 298 067, 0772 618 445 and 0705 517 941.

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