Chinese Hunan Women’s Federation Encourages Ugandan Women Entrepreneurs to Explore Opportunities in China

Kampala, Uganda I HABARI DAILY I

In a recent meeting in Kampala, the Chinese Hunan Women’s Federation extended an invitation to Ugandan women entrepreneurs, encouraging them to explore the vast and dynamic Chinese market. 

The meeting was attended by a delegation from China, representatives from UN Women, government officials, and Ugandan women entrepreneurs.

Dr. Paulina Chiwangu, UN Women’s Uganda Country Representative, shared insights about the business opportunities in Hunan, China, with a combined market value exceeding $10 billion (approximately UGX 37 trillion). 

She emphasized that Ugandan entrepreneurs can tap into these opportunities, creating a favorable prospect for collaboration between Chinese businesswomen and their Ugandan counterparts, facilitated through the United Nations Women Initiative.

Dr. Chiwangu highlighted China’s remarkable progress in agriculture and agribusiness, making it a noteworthy partner for African nations. China actively engages with African countries, providing various avenues for collaboration. Notably, China hosts expos biennially, and the recent Women Expo organized by the Hunan Women Federation demonstrated China’s keen interest in strengthening ties with Africa.

In response to this collaboration opportunity, Dr. Chiwangu announced that they are organizing the Source of the Nile Women in Agribusiness Expo, scheduled for January next year. The expo aims to create programs that can benefit women in business and foster participation from the Women Federation of China. China has expressed its willingness to supply equipment and machinery to support women entrepreneurs in Uganda.

Chairperson Fang Huang of the Hunan Women’s Federation encouraged Ugandan women entrepreneurs to attend the 2025 Expo in China. This event provides an excellent platform to enhance cooperation between the two countries and explore new possibilities for collaboration and economic growth.

This exchange between the Chinese Hunan Women’s Federation and Ugandan women entrepreneurs presents a promising opportunity for both sides to leverage their strengths, share experiences, and advance their business goals. The collaboration is set to strengthen economic ties and promote innovation and growth in both countries

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