Saving Lives through the Mildmay Uganda Hospital

For many years, Mildmay Uganda Hospital has been known to be a specialist HIV care center. However, now the Hospital is a 24-hour General Hospital providing an array of health care services to all. These include paediatric, maternity, physiotherapy, radiology, pharmacy, eye clinic, surgical, skin clinic,dental services amongst others. Overview of the extractive industries including the main prospecting activities


4.1.1. Overview of oil and gas sector

4.1.1.(a) Petroleum exploration history in Uganda

The first recorded assessment of the oil and gas potential of Uganda cites numerous hydrocarbon occurrences as oil seepage in the Albertine Graben in the 1920’s. The first exploration well was drilled in 1938 in Butiaba, which is located on the eastern shores of Lake Albert, in Bulisa District.8




The first discovery of natural gas resources took place in 2002 in Turaco in the Western region of Uganda, but the resources discovered were heavily contaminated with carbon dioxide. In 2006, the existence of commercial quantities of oil was confirmed in the Lake Albert Basin and to date the country has so far made 21 discoveries.9

The table below gives an overview of the major events in the history of the oil and gas sector in Uganda:

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