UNEB deploys 110,000 cadres to man exams

Kampala, Uganda I HABARI DAILY I As the academic year reaches its culmination, the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) is orchestrating a meticulously planned operation to ensure the smooth execution of the 2023 edition of the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations. 

With the process having commenced on the 13th of October with the comprehensive briefing of candidates, the subsequent days will witness a rigorous series of written examinations that will assess the knowledge and skills of students across the nation. 

To orchestrate this monumental task, UNEB has deployed a formidable team of 110,000 personnel, dedicated to ensuring the integrity and efficiency of this crucial examination period.

These include 100,000 invigilators, 1,000 supervisors and over 1,000 security officers to ensure the exams run smoothly without any hiccups. The revelation was made by Daniel Odongo, the Board’s Executive Director.

Odongo further revealed that over 364,0000 candidates were registered for this year’s Uganda Certificate of Education exams.

Speaking to journalists recently, Jennifer Kalule, the UNEB publicist said all was set for the smooth invigilation of exams. She said in an effort to increase the number of candidates, they managed to establish several new UNEB centers in various districts around the country. 

She said this increased the number of candidates and reduced the distance that they previously had to trek to the nearest centers.

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