Pride Microfinance earmarks sh126m to charity

Pride Microfinance, a leading financial institution in Uganda, has demonstrated its commitment to community development by setting aside sh126m for social causes. This initiative aims to foster a stronger connection with the communities they serve and promote positive social change.

Deo Kateizi, the Head of Business Development and Marketing at Pride Microfinance, explained that the company has decided to allocate 1% of its profit after tax towards social causes to ensure their growth aligns with the needs of their partner communities. The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility agenda focuses on the themes of health, environment, and sanitation.

For the past decade, Pride Microfinance has consistently dedicated 1% of its annual profit after tax, amounting to sh128m, to support communities in need. Recently, Kateizi handed over sanitary items worth sh5m to SOS Children’s village in Entebbe. These essential items, including washing soap, bathing soap, pampers, and sanitary pads, will greatly benefit the children residing in the village.

Furthermore, Pride Microfinance has established a three-year memorandum of understanding with SOS Children’s village. As part of this agreement, the company will provide sh5m annually, along with two scholarships, five internships, and five research slots to support the organization’s endeavors.

In addition to their partnership with SOS Children’s village, Pride Microfinance is also making a significant contribution to the St. Phillip Health Care Center in Gulu. They are set to deliver sh86m to refurbish the main ward, enabling the healthcare unit to admit more patients and provide better medical care.

Benon Webare, the Area Programme Manager at SOS Entebbe, expressed his gratitude for Pride Microfinance’s noble cause and their efforts to empower vulnerable children. SOS Uganda currently supports and provides care for 41,319 children through their Family Like Care within the Children’s Villages and Family Strengthening Programme in various communities.

As a wholly-owned entity of the Government of Uganda, Pride Microfinance operates through 34 branches and 10 contact offices across the country. The institution offers unique financial solutions, including loan and savings products, to individuals in rural and urban areas, contributing to the economic growth and development of local communities. With their continued commitment to social causes, Pride Microfinance is making a significant impact on the lives of those they serve.

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